Cum Dividend Scraper

When I trade, sometimes I missed out on cum dividend information. For stocks with high dividend yield, it sometimes cause a significant price drop. In the past I bought a stock thinking it was still in uptrend, not knowing that it was a dividend trap. Below is an example of dividend trap I encountered.

Now it would be nice if someone can alert me when some stocks are going to share dividends. So, I created this project to notify me via Telegram. What I did in this project is open the page where dividend announcements are shared. In this case, it’s here.

The problem with the page is the cum dates are stored inside a pdf file. So the first part of the project is:

  1. Fetch the pdf file
  2. Parse the pdf file
  3. Get the cum date. Fortunately, the dates are always beside this text. So we can use that to our advantage.

After we successfully retrieved the dates, we will use a chatbot to send the information. You can see the tutorial for telegram chatbot here. For this, we’ll need 2 things: the bot token and chat id of the room. It will then successfully report to me the list of cum dividend dates.

Here’s the project repository: If you have any suggestions, or if you have a web page to scrap, leave me a comment down below. If it’s something interesting, I’ll gladly do it.